To Do List- App to Organize List

Maintaining and following a “things to do” list is something that we all try to do in our daily lives. Noting down the things that have to be done and ideas is also something that we all wish we did in the long run. Most of the days we are only able to do half the things that we were meant to do in a particular day. There will always be things that escape our mind. It is a very dull task to write everything that we need to do on a piece of paper and carry it around like some sort of hit list. It makes us seem like someone who is not in control of their own life. A great way to ensure that you are doing most of what you should be doing is to write things down on your smartphone since it is something that you look at almost all the time. To do list is an app that takes the boring out of to do lists.

To Do List is a simple and aesthetically pretty application that helps you organize and sort out your work and life in a fun and colourful way. To Do List  lets you organize and put numbers on anything and everything in your work and personal life and it’ll always be more fun than writing it on a piece of paper. To Do List is infinitely customizable and can be used to do things from completing a lengthy work assignment to catching dinner with parents. Some of the main features of To Do List are.

• User friendly task management. As I said it’s very easy to work in and aesthetically pleasing to look at.

• You can group tasks together and give them separate spaces. This will make you more organized as you know exactly where you are standing with the multiple tasks at hand.

• Smart home screen widgets show instantly what to do. This will always be there to remind you of what you should be doing at his moment.

• Intelligent notifications let you know exactly when to start tasks. The notification will pop up some time before the particular task has to be started

• You can use voice commands to assign tasks. This is useful if you have your hands preoccupied.

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Overall Splend App’s To Do List is an extremely easy to use app that offers a ton of features. Its aesthetics makes mundane tasks interesting and will always act as a motivator for you to get things done. It is a must have app for working professionals as it makes a lot of things easier in your work and personal life.