Norton App Lock- An App to Lock Everything in Phone

Most phones do not offer any in-app security once it gets unlocked. Your data, be it call logs, photos, videos and others can accidently fall into the hands of those who may have possibly wrong intentions, or it could be that you simply want to keep your captured data private as a personal choice. Using the Norton App Lock application will help keep your data stored away in a hidden manner and prove to be beneficial if your data gets lost or some mishap occurs.

In your phone, you would have a lot of sensitive information in the applications installed on your phone or tablet device. Most often than not, the applications that store pictures, personal and financial information, or control remote access to your home do not provide or request for a security PIN, password or lock screen pattern to open. Norton App Lock allows you to lock your phone applications and protect your privacy. You can use a secure password or pattern lock screen to keep your Android device secure and private.

The Norton team takes privacy (and performance) seriously and leverages special Android permissions to safeguard your sensitive applications. It is more efficient and more secure than some of the other applock offerings you see out there.

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With this application, you can: choose the apps you want to protect with a privacy lock—all, some or follow our recommendations, customize PIN, Password, or Pattern Lock Screen, add PIN, password or pattern lock screen security to protect and lock apps that don’t have it, lock one or more app with the same 4-digit PIN or use a unique lock screen pattern password drawn with your finger, prevent those embarrassing “pocket-dial” accidents, protect Sensitive Information, protect your sensitive, personal, and financial data from the prying eyes of an intruder, add a layer of security in case your device is lost or stolen, lock photo and video apps, protect photos and videos from the prying eyes of an intruder, lock social apps, make sure you are the only one changing your social status or posts, safely keep app content private if you share your device with kids or friends to play games or watch videos, use the anti-theft feature which allows you to take a photo of a thief or anyone who fails to unlock your phone after 3 attempts and the photos are saved in your photos folder.