Clone App – An App Cloner & Free VPN

Clone App – App Cloner & Dual App is the official Clone App which help you run multiple accounts. We often require multiple accounts as they can help segregate our personal one from a professional one. The most important aspect of this application is that it is free and does not contain any advertisements. In addition, the Clone App also provides free VPN. While browsing the internet, VPN’s can come in handy as they are one of the best security tools one can have in today’s world. You can run multiple instances of the same apps easily with the App Cloner. You can easily switch between cloned apps without any glitch. You can easily create duplicate accounts and run them simultaneously. The good thing is that you can also use themes that add to the style.

The Clone App offers the Clone Whatsapp which provides support for simultaneous use of WhatsApp multi-account operation on a single phone. This will allow you to maintain a separation with your personal accounts and/or a professional one.

Clone App will also provide you with the most private VPN. The VPN provided is very much free. With the VPN option provided by Clone App, you will be able to gain access to blocked websites and other applications such as YouTube, Line, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and more even if it is blocked in your country. The application also supports popular gaming applications and will easily allow you to switch multiple accounts.

In addition, you can customize your applications with the three very magical emoticons that have been added to the Clone App. They are no longer the static emoticons you would usually use as they can interact with your friends. You can try “Kiss of Love”, ”Flying Tomato” and “Nothing to do”. The app also supports dark mode, gold mode, blue mode, night mode as well as cyan mode theme as multi app. Floating stickers are also included which you can use while sending an expression during a chat with someone.

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The Clone App provides privacy wherein you can customize the name and icon of popular applications. It offers support for 32-bit apps as well as 64-bit apps as it contains 32-bit and 64-bit engine with independent core technology. The app also does not contain any ads and is completely free which allows you to experience quality service.

By providing stable multi-account services, as well as the support provided with popular applications, you can maintain a balance with your work and personal life.