Grammarly Keyboard -An App to Type with confidence

Modern era smartphones come with tons of features that increase its efficiency and effectiveness. So, buying an expensive smartphone is often considered a good investment. Features like a good camera, audio, and video player, and web browsers are a number of the features that individuals specialize in while purchasing a smartphone. There are many features that are overlooked when people operate their smartphones. One such feature that is highly useful but overlooked is a customizable Keyboard. People use their smartphones to do a lot of things these days. People can even use their smartphones like their personal computer and work computers. With fast penetrating high speed internet access and general good connectivity in all areas the smartphone has become a sort of necessity in today’s life. Nowadays you can use smartphones for writing articles for work, making presentations and doing data analysis. All of this requires you to type and use the keyboard. If you talk about personal use, websites like Facebook and apps like WhatsApp have made it possible for people to communicate with each other with ease. Often times these messengers are also used in professional context. You might need to write messages to your superiors or co-workers asking for something or letting them know about something. This is where Grammarly keyboard will help you.

Grammarly makes writing a whole lot easier. Grammarly helps the user write top notch messages without any grammatical or spelling mistakes. The keyboard automatically detects and prompts the user to correct all the errors after the sentence has been written. The keyboard works across all platforms whether you are writing an email or sending a personal message. The app works seamlessly and will improve your speed and quality of writing on your phone dramatically.  Some of the main features of the app are.

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•             Clear and Effective Writing – Sophisticated grammar checker, Sophisticated grammar checker, Advanced punctuation correction, Vocabulary enhancements and synonyms

•             Convenient and Fast – Smooth integration with all apps, Predictive text suggestions, Predictive text suggestions

•             Predictive text suggestions – Users will receive short, clear explanations for every correction. Understand your mistakes and avoid them in the future

•             Customizable for your needs – Dialect settings (American, Canadian, British, and Australian English), Light and dark themes, Personal dictionary

Overall Grammarly is an amazing app that help you write without errors.