Pol-App – Official App of Kerala Police

The police and emergency numbers are some of the most called numbers in the world. Police are public servants that are placed in order to protect and serve the public. They are paid from our taxes and hold respect among members of the society. It is our right to call and avail the services of police at any given time if you are a citizen of a country. Be it a case of someone trying to break into your house to someone suffering from some allergic reaction people have the right to use the emergency service lines to resolve their issues. In most cases it is often difficult to get into direct contact with the police though.

Pol-App is an application for people of Kerala. This app acts as a direct link between the residents of Kerala and its police force. Users can use this app to find out everything about any police officers. Users can get the contact information about police stations and specific police officers. So, if they want to talk to a particular officer they can do that using this app. Users can also find their badge number and credentials of any cop registered with Kerala police. This gives a whole another layer of transparency to the Kerala police.  Some of the great features of the app are.

•             Search and Find a Police Officer/Office Contact of Kerala Police. – This is an amazing feature as users can get information about their nearest police officers and their police station. Users can also find the police officer badge number of particular police officers if you want to register some complain or report some ill doings.

•             True Cop – True cop feature is like a true caller for cops. With this feature if a cop calls you on the users mobile. All the details of the cop will appear along with the caller id. This is useful to determine if the call is coming from the police or not.

•             Emergency contact details – Users can avail this feature if they get themselves into a real bind. This allows users’ access to the list of Emergency Contacts which would most helpful in a dire situation.

•             Users can report offences as they are happening. The app allows its users to make complaints and report wrong doings in their vicinity.

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This is an amazing app to have and makes the Kerala police much more transparent in their doings. With this app users can contact police in an instance and get the help they need in no time. With this direct line to the cops users can rest easy at night.