Incoming Outgoing Call Lock – An App to Lock Calls Coming and Going From Phone

Smart phones have become a necessity of life. The constant technological innovations and advancements in the field of cellular devices have made Smart phones as capable as a modern computer. Smartphone users have unlimited options when it comes to utility of their devices. In today’s world a person’s entire life is saved in his/her cellular device this includes private pictures, bank information, personal messages etc. the security of such data has become an area of major concern.

Incoming Outgoing Call Lock provides Users with the ability to lock their incoming and outgoing calls easily. This application will secure your device’s Incoming call from getting picked by another person. This application won’t permit anyone to see the caller’s number, name or some other information unless the user puts in the password for the lock. Approaching Call Lock gives its users the flexibility to set their own passwords and also add background pictures to give an aesthetic and pleasing look all over but with more added security.

Incoming Outgoing Call lock provides users to get more protection in case they lose their device. The details for incoming calls will not be shown unless the user puts in the password for the lock.

Some of the unique features of Incoming Outgoing Call Lock are given as below:

  • You can either enable or disable Incoming Call Lock
  • You can choose design lock or secret word lock as a lock screen.
  • Users cannot pick up the call by switching to earphones and not entering the password.
  • Auto Disconnect Call whenever attempted with the wrong secret word multiple times.
  • Call Blocking
  • Option to add various lockscreen backgrounds.
  • Option to add selected contacts for Lock
  • You can either lock the calls with pin or password
  • Fingerprint Unlock

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Incoming Outgoing Call lock ensures your Incoming call not to be picked by other person you do not want to pick up the call. This Application will not permit any other unknown person to see the caller name, number or any other information. The Password screen gets activated during the Incoming Calls to hide all data about the caller. You can secure your incoming calls by using the option of pin lock or pattern lock. The application also allows its users the option with adding the lock for selected contacts or all contacts.

Please note that this app currently might not work in selected devices or the password screen might not pop up in some incoming calls. This will get updated and fixed on future updates and releases.