Document Scanner; (Made in India) PDF Creator – An App to Scan Documents

Document Scanner is a proud Made in India application that turns its user’s smartphone into a portable Document scanner. As the name suggests, Document Scanners scans the document, and with its Edge detection which enhances the scan quality automatically or the user can set it manually, you can print or fax the scanned document directly from the app.

As from already present Doc scanners in the market, Document scanner sets itself apart by including its exclusive Edge detection which automatically detects the document’s edge and resizes the doc accordingly, Smart cropping and various color modes  like Black and White, Lighten, Color and dark.

The users will also be able to scan QR or Barcode, create their own QR Code and then share the QR code to various platforms respectively.

With Document scanner, it provides it’s user to arrange and keep their documents organized in various folders, so that you can access them again hassle-free whenever the user wants to in future. With its proprietary function, users can turn their old documents into clear, readable and sharp by removing all those old colors and noise.

Document Scanner also creates PDF for various sizes ranging from A1 to A-6 or in Postcard, Landscape, and letter or note template. Users will also be able to upload their sensitive document to the cloud storage platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox respectively.

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Some of the unique features of Document Scanner include

Upload Option – With Document Scanner, users can upload or share their sensitive content on the go to their cloud and mail with just a few clicks.

Auto Edge Detections – Scans PDF and detects the edges thus providing a better scan altogether.

Size Options- Users will be able to get various size options for their documents like A1, A2, A3, A4 and a lot more.

QR Code and Barcode Scanner – This app also has a QR Code Scanner as well as a Barcode feature. Users can also create their unique QR code within the app.

High Quality Scanner- The app removes all the disturbance/noise from old documents and removes the Noise from old images using various advanced filter techniques and makes it more clear and sharp than before.

With the Next and upcoming update for Document Scanner, Users will be able to recognize texts from images and then copy or edit those texts accordingly.