DigiLocker – A simple secure document wallet

Nowadays we have a lot of government ID’s starting from Aadhar card to passport. It’s very difficult to organize and carry all this everywhere. It is also a risky affair as if any one of these Id’s get lost you will have to go through a lengthy process to get a duplicate one or get it renewed. ID’s like driver’s license have to be carried every time you are travelling so chances of it getting lost are very high also if you don’t carry it around if you are driving you get fined. This puts us normal citizens at a dilemma whether to carry these ID’s or keep them safe in a secure area. This is where Digilocker comes into play.

Digilocker is an app that allows it user to store all their valuable ID’s. This app is approved by government, so you can show your ID’s in this app instead of producing the physical copy. This initiative taken up under Digital India is a government of India flagship program aimed at transforming India into a digitally empowered society. With this app users can upload all of their certificate and documents and get them approved online.  This is great as there is no wastage or use of paper in this way. Users can also feel safe and secure as they will never have to carry the physical copies of any ID with them. Users can store them away in a safe place. Users can also use this in multiple devices and all of your documents will be saved. All the government agencies and police will accept this form of verification. So, you no longer have to carry you driver’s license anywhere. Some of the great features of the app are

  • Store all your government ID’s and certificate in the app and get them verified
  • Never have to carry physical ID’s ever again
  • Never have to worry about government ID’s getting lost.

Download App From Here

Digilocker is an amazing initiative by the Indian government to ensure we are going digital. With this app there is no longer a dependency on paper. Digilocker is extremely easy to use and has a smooth user interface. This is made to make it convenient for everyone to carry their ID proofs with themselves. This initiate will mean that everyone will be digitally registered and can be accounted for.