Clock :The Vault- App to Hide Photo & Video

Smartphones have generally weak in-app security once it gets unlocked. Your data including your call logs, photos, videos and other documents can fall into the hands of those who may have some possible bad intentions. Using this amazing application you will be able to keep your data stored away in a hidden manner and prove to be beneficial if your data gets lost or some mishap occurs.

Clock – The Vault application acts as a virtual safe that allows you to hide and store your media files. Its password protection feature ensures all your data are locked away and cannot be accessed by another else other than you.  Some of the great features of the app include

• Hide all sorts of media: You can easily hide pictures and video to the vault from your gallery. These media files will be transferred to the private video in photo locker.

• Strong AppLock: The app lets you lock various apps like your Messenger, Gallery, Browser, Contacts, Email or any other apps you choose. You can also lock Wifi, Bluetooth & recent tasks.

• Fingerprint Protection: Users can use fingerprint lock to protect all their hidden information

• Icon Hide/Replace: Replace your Clock Icon with other icons like Vault Calculator, Whether, Music, Calculator Lock, Calculator Vault etc for better disguise Vault.

• Break-in Alert: the application records and captures anyone who is attempting to open any protected folders or files.

• Fake Password (Decoy Locker): Support Fake Locker system and show fake content when you input fake password to protect real gallery lock. This is ideal to keep curious eyes at bay.

• Private Browser (Incognito Browser): Private web browser to download and Lock photos, videos and audios from Internet & leaves no tracks in your system. Incognito mode is the best for safe surfing.

• Video Player: users can play the saved videos and pictures inside the vault with its extremely light yet powerful video player.

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The advanced features of the application allow your device’s front-facing camera to take snaps of an intruder attempting to view hidden photographs this app is extremely fun to use and it can be customized. Users can choose different type of applock themes to beautify your lock screen, Select your gallery image to set behind lock screen. This coupled with a smooth and elegant user experience makes this app a must have on all smartphones.