Medisafe- Best Pill Remeinder App

Medisafe is a pill reminder and medication tracker that has been ranked #1 by
pharmacists, physicians and patients. Users of this app takes the control of their
medication management for free. It helps users to stay on track and never miss a

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Key features of the app

  • Pill reminder and alarm for all medication needs
  • Drug to drug interaction checker
  • Family and caregiver support via “Medfriend” functionality
  • Medicine tracker
  • Refill reminders
  • Doctor appointment manager and calendar
  • Support for complex dose schedules
  • Add ‘as needed’ medications, vitamins and supplements
  • Full section of OTC and RX medications
  • Daily, weekly and monthly med reporting with logbook to share with the doctor Track health measurements for various medical conditions (diabetes, hypertension,cancer, anxiety, depression, HIV, multiple sclerosis). Example – weight, blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
  • Android wear enabled
  • Customizable reminders and time settings (e.g.: – weekend mode so that users can sleep in)
  • Automatic time zone detection
  • Pharmacy discount cards and drugstore coupons
  • Easy customization of pill reminder notification

Medisafe is a comprehensive tool that compiles all the medical and healthinformation in one place, pill and medicine reminders, drug to drug interactions,refill alerts, doctor appointments and health journal with 20+ trackable healthmeasurements.

Medisafe is free for download and use. Medisafe premium includes unlimitedMedfriends, access to more than 20 health measurements and the choice of a dozen reminder sounds. Premium is offered by a subscription with automatic renewal.