Lifesum- Android App to Plan Diet


This application is created to promote health and fitness awareness among its users. One can get his/her diet plan accordingly.

This provides its user with a calorie counter which helps to keep a record of his /her daily calorie intake. The purpose of this application is to motivate its potential user so that they can customize their daily calories and can resolve their health problems to some extent. Remember food is medicine!

Pros of the Application

  • It is quite speedy and gives a quick response to the user queries.
  • It provides excellent nutritional recipes for controlling the diet.
  • There are also code scanners which are quite helpful.
  • It greatly helps the user to count his calories.
  • It is a very user-friendly application.
  • It completely keeps the track of user calories.
  • It gives a holistic approach to the user for making diet charts.
  • It immensely helps the user to stay motivated.
  • It helps the user to control his macros with daily reminders.
  • It is easily accessible and free to download from the Google Play Store.
  • It helps users to maintain a healthy and perfect lifestyle.

Download Application From Here


  • This application is principally famous because of the way that it improves the health of clients. Besides, the application in itself is amazingly helpful.
  • It has a straightforward and reasonable diet plan which are more than enough to take care of customer fitness.
  • The users were asked to sign up for the application after installation. It requires a mailing address of the user to get started with.
  • There are some features which can be saved and accessed offline. The user needs to allow and permit the Android for this application to work.
  • It provides thorough information about the dietary charts and health care problems. Also, it gives perfect solutions to solve the problems.
  • Some of its features require premium purchase. Calorie intake strictly needs to be restricted or enhanced to a person’s BMI.
  • With the help of this wonderful application, one can completely take an account of his calorie consumption.
  • This application aims to provide home-based techniques to remain physically fit. About ten million users have installed this application and many out of this were able to benefit and maintain a healthier lifestyle.