HealthifyMe- Android App for Health Care


As the name indicates, this app provides the users with a healthy lifestyle, proper diet chart, weight loss, and weight maintaining tips. It also counts the food calories consumed by a user, hence, save the users from the effort of calculating it manually which is a very tedious process. In any case, with this application, the users should simply put in some fundamental data and they can easily count their food calories.

Pros of the Application

  • The application enables the users to count the calories of food consumed by them.
  • The user just performs a task of putting some relevant information and the application at that point does all the necessary calculations for the users and protects them from a manual calculation which is a difficult task to perform.
  • The app does not take much time and do the calculation task accurately.
  • The app motivates the users to eat healthy as well as help them to pursue their diet chart and exercise plans.
  • The app makes eating chart outline according to the user BMI so they know precisely where to begin. In this way, the user effectively oversees their well being conditions, for example, thyroid, diabetes, cholesterol, and hypertension.
  • The app links the users with expert trainers, dieticians, and nutritionist to appreciate devoted personalized coaching.
  • The app consistently provides users with up-to-date healthy stuff every day.

Download Application From Here


After downloading the Health, Weight Loss, Diet plan & Calorie Counter app the users were asked to register themselves first.

There are two versions of the app available; one is a free version that is utilized by the users without paying any money while other is the paid version in which users have to pay the amount for booking consultation and to take advice from one of the best nutritionists, yoga trainers and dieticians.

This application calculates food calories consumed by a person and gives an overall view of their calorie consumption. It helps to maintain and lose extra weight by providing personal consultation from different coaches.

This application is for the most part well known because of the way that it streamlines the calorie estimations for users. Additionally, the application in itself is very valuable. It has basic diet chart plans for different age groups that functions to maintain a healthy lifestyle.