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SaveMyTime – An App to Track Time

In today’s world, keeping up with the time and managing our day to day tasks in that time can be a rather challenging task. It is important to know how to manage your time as time management helps in improving the productivity of your day. Most often than not, we do not know exactly how much time we spend on a particular activity daily.

SaveMyTime is an application that helps you in tracking how much time you spend daily on which all tasks you have done. You can also check your weekly and monthly task analysis as well. On an average these days, a human being checks their phone every 8 minutes, around 120 times a day. This application takes advantage of this habit.  It’s hard staying on track, that’s why Save My Time – time tracker helps you keep your resolutions with goals feature by allowing you to set goals for a specific activity and check the progress towards your goals.

This application is one of the simplest time tracker ever created. You do not need to stress and worry about setting up the time-tracker and tracking time manually. It also provides insight about whole 24 hours, 7 days a week.

SaveMyTime – Time tracker replaces your standard lock screen and asks what you have been doing lately when you turn on your phone. This helps keep you constantly aware of the activity you are doing, and the time spent on it.

You can uncover insights about the specific activities being done using the statistics available. Save My Time – Time tracker handles analysis and gives you an opportunity to learn how much time you invest in productive activities like work or learning and how much time is wasted, for example, on commuting. You can also check your work-life balance for different time spans – daily/weekly/monthly/yearly.

The application allows you to customize names, colors and icons of your activities to track whatever you need. It allows you to add up to nine activities. You can set how you would like to track your time by setting how often Save My Time should replace your lock screen. You can also turn tracking off when you do not need it. There is also the option of splitting time between few activities if you need to.

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The other features available are that you can add as many activities as you like and discover even tiniest areas for improvement., export data, browse your activities as a timeline and discover when you’re being distracted, and check averages, learn about your best and worst performance.