Artham Malayalam Dictionary- Offline Android App to find meaning

Loving and learning our mother tongue is something we all should be doing. And not just knowing the basics, we should have a good vocabulary of our mother tongue as well. In the modern day, with exposure to so many languages, we might not be aware of all the words of our language. In such a case, a good dictionary can be very handy. If you are a Malayali, Artham Malayalam Dictionary is a very useful application for you. Artham Malayalam Dictionary is the official Android app version of the Olam dictionary developed by Kailash Nadh. It is English to Malayalam dictionary.

Artham Malayalam Dictionary is an open, crowd-sourced dictionary. The app gets its database from USP of this app is that it has a very clean and easy to use interface. There are no added gimmicks in the app which might disturb the regular functioning of the app. Plus the app is add-free. This enhances the user experience further since there are no bothersome pop-ups while you are trying to look for the meaning of a word.Also, the developers keep on updating the app frequently. Bugs are no problem at all, however, with each update, the app does get many new and better features which further add up to its functionality. Such a unique, clean and functional interface of this app is what has made it popular.

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Pros of the Application

  • The app contains one of the largest databases with more than 2,15,600 definitions including words, phrases and idioms as well.
  • All these definitions can be accessed offline. Thus, you don’t necessarily need an internet connection to refer to a word.
  • Despite such large database, the app is extremely light with an app size of only 2.31 MB. Post installation as well, the app size does not exceed 4.44 MB.
  • Even during the usage, the app only uses 12 MB of the RAM to the maximum.
  • The app has an inbuilt ‘intelligent clipboard capture system’. This system automatically pastes the word in the search box which you copied before opening the app.
  • The app is totally ad-free. Thus, you can have a totally disturbance-free experience while accessing the app.
  • In this app, you can also clear all the recent search history. Or you can also choose to delete individual entries from the app.
  • The pronunciation of the words is also now added. This can be very useful for beginners at spoken Malayalam and even for fluent speakers who come across a new word.